Art & Culture

The "Invisible landscapes" of Montefeltro

Discovering the landscapes that inspired great paintings such as those by Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci and Piero della Franscesca. Some art historians have shown how the settings used by these great masters are not invented, but it is possible to give them a geographic location traceable in the views between Marche and Montefeltro.

On Gioacchino Rossini's footsteps

This kind of tour includes a private visit to the birthplace of the great composer, the places where he lived and worked, also involving other historical theaters dear to him, located in other cities in central Italy.

Pictorial itinerary focused on Renaissance

From Raffaello Sanzio the “divine painter“, to the frescoes of the Salimbeni Brothers, up to Lorenzo Lotto in Marche Region.

Discovering the 100 Marche historical theaters

Private concerts at some Marche historical theaters and Action Painting museums. Guglielmo Tell overture and introductory readings to classical works by professionals.

On Beniamino Gigli e Giacomo Leopardi's footsteps

Discovering the birthplace of the tenor Gigli, Recanati, the city of bel canto and poetry. The experience of the great poet Giacomo Leopardi is also intertwined in this land of central Italy; we will go in search of the places where he wrote his poems, accompanied by special guides who read the verses during the visit, helping to understand the meaning of his works.

Spiritual itineraries

Traveling among hermitages, abbeys and sanctuaries between Marche and Umbria

"Piero's lands"

Between Marche, Umbria, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany … travelling from Rimini and Montefeltro toward Perugia on the footsteps of the great master Piero della Francesca, through the most important lords of the 1400.